Children in Year 2 have been finding out all about money over the last two weeks. They have made different combinations of coins that total £1 and have added money to make different totals. Some children have even started to calculate how much change they would receive from a given amount. We are all so impressed!

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre

The children had a fantastic time at Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre today. They explored the museum by going back in time and climbed aboard a real life trawler where they were all given a role to play. They found out what life was like in Grimsby and how hard life at sea could be. They dressed up, searched for objects and listened carefully to the information that they were told. What a super day!

Famous Explorers

As part of our History Fortnight the children in Year 2 are leaning about famous explorers. Today they learnt the names of some very important explorers. These included Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Raleigh and Captain Cook. They even learnt about modern day explorers including Dame Ellen MacArthur. The children created their own timeline and sequenced these explorers chronologically.